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Life In Ceylon Sri Lankan life style Together we share Sri Lankan life style with you Life in Ceylon Travelers blog We Explore untouched areas in Sri Lanka to share the remarkable experience with you. Life in Ceylon uva camping The leading camping service provider in Sri Lanka.

“මේ පුංචි දිවයිනේ සොදුරු ඉමං සොයා යන, Travelling ජීවිතේම කර ගත්තු අයට ඒ අත්දැකීම උපරිම අන්දමින් විදින්න අවස්ථාව ලබා දෙන එක තමයි Life in Ceylon අපේ එකම බලාපොරොත්තුව.”

“Our only hope is to facilitate you, who have made travelling life to enjoy its every moment at its best”

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Why you should Visit in Sri Lanka ???

When people hear ‘’ Ceylon “ both local and foreign travelers imagine a beautiful tiny island of 65000 square KM, which is located in the Indian ocean.It is called as the pearl of the Indian Ocean due to its shape and beauty. It was used to be named as Ceylon and Serendib, it is a collection of wonderful gifts from the nature.Now it is known as Sri Lanka.

Different languages, cultures, religions, arts, crafts, dresses, customs, rituals and rich biodiversity can be seen in this amazing island, these are the features that make this island beautiful.

So we are keen to explore different parts of the country and provide real and authentic experience for you, such as locals’ day to day life and Sri Lankan cuisine. Moreover, we are searching some unbelievable and untapped places, and ready to provide these amazing experience for you.


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